Lee Crockett and Solution Fluency

We were privileged to host Lee Crockett, 21st Century Fluency Project, at our school this week.  Lee asserted that there are new skills necessary for work and life in the 21st century.  He spoke about the reasons that education must change – technology is reshaping employment and the types of work available.  It is most evident in this chart:

job markets

Source: Crockett, L et al (2010). Literacy is not enough. Melbourne, Hawker Brownlow

So what skills are requisite for a successful life?  We must be able to solve problems and think critically, be creative, be information literate, collaborate successfully and “read” and evaluate media.  These are the “fluencies”.


How does this translate into teaching and learning?  In this process model, the solution fluency is defined by 6Ds – define, discover, dream, design, deliver, debrief – which scaffolds us through designing classroom tasks.  There’s a catch!  An essential in good learning design is to ensure that the task/ lesson/unit is relevant to the learner. It is well worth watching the video clip on the  Fluencies site.

It works!  The teachers were inspired to spend Day 2 creating a sequence of lessons, relevant to their learners and scaffolded through the solution fluency.  The resulting showcase was inspiring.