Rubrics for Assessment

Rubistar is a great site to help you and your students create a rubric.  You do not need to log on.

  1. Choose the type of rubric from the front page, then from a more specific list
  2. Fill in a few details – the details of your name, rubric title,  are displayed on the finished rubric
  3. Because you are not in the US, fill out your postcode as 99999
  4. You can change anything and everything in the rubric template; you can have as many or as few criteria as you wish
  5. When you have finished, click on the Submit button
  6. The finished rubric will display;  now you can copy it into Word, (it becomes a Word table) and edit even further.

Website Evaluation

We have been asked for resources to use for teaching students how to evaluate the content of web sites.  These are a few, spanning a range of age levels (there are many more).
I like this because it has not only the criteria for evaluating web sites, but also very good links to other sources, including those of hoax sites (makes a good fun lesson!).
Kathy Schrock’s ABC has long been regarded as a benchmark resource for website evaluation.
Jamie McKenzie’s information is worth reading as he is very focused on the pedagogy and content before the technology.
A little exercise Pam finds very useful in class, is that of asking her students to create a website evaluation template, based on their readings (the papers above), and tailored for the context in which they are teaching.